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By adding value to the projects of our customers with special solutions offered by our expert staff for their needs, we export materials to more than 35 countries. European countries having the lead, we have an extensive customer portfolia in the Middle East, Central Asia, Far East and West Africa.

Meba Steel not only supplies high quality steel products in the domestic market but also exports them to customers around the world. Our export activities continue to grow to meet global steel demands and support the needs of various industries.

As Meba Steel, we continue to maintain our commitment to quality and reliability while exporting our products to various geographies and industries. In order to provide the highest standard steel solutions for our customers we collaborate with our strategic partners and logistics around the world.

Our export activities contributes Meba Steel to get more recognition as an international steel supplier, while also supporting projects in various countries’ construction, energy, automotive and other sectors. We strive to carry our commitment to providing our customers with the best quality steel products worldwide.

As Meba Steel, with our steel export activities we are proud to support our customers around the world as a strong steel partner. We shape our export activities around the core principles of quality, reliability and customer satisfaction and aim for excellence in every project.

Meba Steel GmbH: The Strong name of Steel Supply

Meba Steel GmbH, as a prominent company in the steel trade, provides quality and reliable steel products to customers with its strong supply network and wide product range. Thanks to the experience it has gained since its establishment and its deep rooted history, we support you succeed by combining your projects with the best quality products. Meba Steel, which always prioritizes customer satisfaction, proves its power in the sector with its innovative approach and customer-oriented solutions. With our passion for the future, we maintain our leadership in the industry as a leading name in the steel trade and continue to achieve great success together with our customers. With Meba Steel hold the key of strong and successful projects in your hand.

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