Meba Steel GmbH

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the founding date of Meba Steel GmbH?

    Meba Steel GmbH was founded in 2002 and has been serving customers in the field of steel trading for many years.

  • What are Meba Steel GmbH quality standards?

    Meba Steel GmbH is ISO 9001 certified and is committed to providing customers with high quality steel products.

  • What steel products does Meba Steel GmbH supply?

    Thanks to the wide global supply chain, hot and cold rolled flat sheets and coils, long structural steels (angle bar, flat bar, U profile, I Profile, H Profile, W profile, T profile, round bar, etc.) in every desired quality and norm, hot and cold extruded box profiles and pipes and We can supply pipe connection equipment.

  • What are Meba Steel GmbH stock levels?

    Meba Steel GmbH keeps its stock at an optimum level by making continuous purchases. With high stock levels, customer demands are met as quickly as possible.

  • Which regions do you supply steel to?

    Meba Steel GmbH supplies steel to all European countries, especially Germany and Turkey, as well as the Middle East, Central Asia, West Africa, Far East and Latin America.

  • How can we track our orders?

    To follow the status of your orders, you can contact your sales representative whose name is on the order confirmation.

  • What are our advantages in steel supply with Meba Steel GmbH?

    Meba Steel GmbH offers reliable and effective solutions in steel supply with its wide product range, high stock levels, strong global supply network and customer-oriented approach. Meba Steel does not only supply products, it aims to be a strategic business partner with its customers.

  • How to start cooperation with Meba Steel GmbH?

    To start cooperation with Meba Steel GmbH, you can contact us via our e-mail address or phone number in our contact details, and start the process of becoming a solution partner by sharing your project's needs and expectations.