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Meba Steel GmbH, We Are Moving Towards to Future With Our
Passion for Steel.

We are taking firm steps forward together with our customers, with our passion for our work and our leading role in the steel trade. As Meba Steel GmbH, we constantly focus on providing innovative solutions and strive to meet our customers' needs at the highest level.
Extensive Experience
Since 2002 we have been at your service with our extensive knowledge and experience in iron and steel industry.
Wide Product Range
We offer a wide range of products in many different qualities and sizes in order to fully meet customer demands.
Professional Service
We optimize internal and external processes, products, and services; ensuring top customer satisfaction with personalized support and fast communication.
Reliable Supplier
Maintaining first-quality stocks and a broad supplier chain, we ensure timely and reliable service, meeting the diverse needs of our customers with efficiency and excellence.
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Meba Steel GmbH, as a prominent company in the steel trade, provides quality and reliable steel products to customers with its strong supply network and wide product range. Thanks to the experience it has gained since its establishment and its deep rooted history, we support you succeed by combining your projects with the best quality products. Meba Steel, which always prioritizes customer satisfaction, proves its power in the sector with its innovative approach and customer-oriented solutions. With our passion for the future, we maintain our leadership in the industry as a leading name in the steel trade and continue to achieve great success together with our customers. With Meba Steel hold the key of strong and successful projects in your hand.
Meba Steel & Industrial Supplies Trade GmbH has adopted the mission of being a leader in steel supply and trade by providing reliable and high-quality steel products to its customers on time. By prioritizing customer satisfaction, with a wide range of product portfolio, we provide the most suitable solution for different needs in your projects. We want to achieve common success by establishing long-term collaborations with the solutions we offer. We contribute to a sustainable future by managing all our processes by taking into account our responsibility towards the environment and society. We continue to strengthen our success story in the sector with the healthy working environment we have created for the safety and happiness of our employees.
We aim to maintain and strengthen our position as a leader in the industry by continuously optimizing internal and external processes, products, and services. Keeping a close eye on technological advancements, we place innovative solutions that meet our customers' demands at the core of our sustainable growth strategy. We strive to expand our strong presence in the global market by participating in significant local and international projects, aiming to become a benchmark brand in the industry.


Mehmet Yaşaroğlu
Founder and CEO of MEBA STEEL
ppa. Ömer Sarigül, M.Sc.
Authorized Manager
Buket Karaman Üner
Sales Departmant
Merve Yaşaroğlu Zellweger
Sales Departmant
Nur Polat
Sales Departmant
Alina Ak
Finance and Management
Manuela Denk
Sales Departmant
Eray Bilen
Sales Departmant