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Pipes and Fittings Range

Steel pipes are tube-shaped products used for different purposes. They are used in a variety of areas, such as water, gas, oil and liquid transportation, construction and industrial applications. Pipe fittings are the parts required for the joining, laying and assembly of pipes. These elements are designed to ensure that the pipes are joined safely and the installation is intact. As Meba Steel, we offer a wide range of products on steel pipes and fittings. These products stand out with features such as durability, longevity and high performance. We aim to meet our customers' expectations at the highest level by offeringca wide range of steel pipes and fittings in various sizes and types to suit the needs of all kinds of projects.

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Longitudinally Welded Pipes

  • Water and Gas Pipes

    Dimensions: Ø17,2mm – ø339,7mm

    Production StandardQuality
    EN 10255 + A1 (TS EN 10255 + A1)S195T
    EN 10224 (TS 9341 EN 10224)L235, L275, L355
    SI 103S332, S414
    SI 530530A, 530B, 530/42
    SI 4314Grade A, Grade B
    ASTM A795 (UL)Grade A, Grade B
    EN 10217-1 (TS EN 10217-1) (PED)P195TR1, P195TR2, P235TR1,P235TR2, P265TR1, P265TR2
  • Natural gas and Oil Line Pipes

    Dimensions: Ø21,3mm –ø323,9mm

    Production StandardQuality
    API 5L PSL 1A25 (L175), A (L210), B (L245), X42 (L290), X46 (L320), X52 (L360), X56 (L390), X60 (L415), X65 (L450)
    API 5L PSL 2BM (L245M), BN (L245N), X42M (L290M), X42N (L290N), X46M (L320M), X46N (L320N), X52M (L360M), X52N (L360N), X56M (L390M), X56N (L390N), X60M (L415M), X60N (L415N), X65M (L450M)
    ISO 3183 PSL 1A25 (L 175), A (L 210), B (L 245), X42 (L 290), X46 (L 320), X52 (L 360), X56 (L 390), X60 (L 415), X65 (L 450)
    ISO 3183 PSL 2BM (L 245M)/BN (L245N), X42M (L290M)/X42N (L 245N), X46M (L320M)/X46N (L 320N), X52M (L360M)/X52N (L 320N), X56M (L390M)/X56N (L 390N) X60M (L415M)/X60N (L 415N) X65M (L450M)
  • Industrial Pipes

    Dimensions: Ø13,0 – Ø339,7 mm

    Production StandardQuality
    EN 10219 (TS EN 10219) (CE)S235JRH, S275J0H, S275J2H, S 355J0H, S355J2H, S355K2H, S275NH, S275NLH, S275MH, S275MLH, S355NH, S355NLH,  S355MH, S355MLH, S420MH, S420MLH.
    SI 1458-1S235JRH, S275J0H, S275J2H, S 355J0H, S355J2H, S355K2H, S275NH, S275NLH, S275MH, S275MLH, S355NH, S355NLH, S355MH, S355MLH, S420MH, S420MLH.
    ASTM A500Grade A, Grade B, Grade C, Grade D
    EN 10305-3 (TS EN 10305-3)E155, E190, E195, E220, E235, E260, E275, E320, E355, E370, E420
    AS/NZS 1163C250, C350, C450, C250L0, C350L0
  • Boiler Pipes

    Dimensions: Ø21,3 – Ø339,7 mm

    Production StandardQuality
    EN 10217-2 (TS EN 10217-2) (PED)P195GH, P235GH, P265GH, 16Mo3

Spirally Welded Pipes

  • Sizes & Dimensions
    Outside Diameter:Ø 219,1 – 3048 mm
    Wall Thickness:4-26mm
    Pipe Length:4-26mm
  • Production Standards
    EN 10217-1 P195TR1, P195TR2,P235TR1,P235TR2, P265TR1-P265TR2, S235JR, S275JR,S355JR
    EN 10219 - 1 S235JRH, S275J0H,S275J2H, S275NH, S275NLH, S355JOH, S355J2H, S355K2H, S355NH, S355NLH
    EN 10224 L235, L275, L355

Alloyed and Unalloyed Seamless Pipes

Seamless Pipes used in mechanical and engineering applications.

  • Sizes & Dimensions
    Outside Diameter:Ø 21,3 – 812,8 mm
    Wall Thickness:2-120mm
  • Standards for Seamless Pipes used in Mechnanical Applications
    E2357729 FE 3601629 ST 37NF A 49311 TU 37B
    E275 1629 ST 44 
    E3157729 FE 510 BF A 49311 TU 52B
    E355 1629 ST 52 
    E275 K2   
    E355 K2 17100 ST 52.3 N 
    E420 I2   
    E460 K2   
    E590 K2   
    E730 K2   
    C22EEN 10083 C2217204 C22 
    C35EEN 10083 C3517204 C35 
    C45EEN 10083 C4517204 C45 
    C60EEN 10083 C6017204 C60 
    25CRMO4EN10083 25CRMO417204 25CRMO4NF A 35552 25 CD 4
    41CR4EN 10083 41CR417204 41CR4NF A 35552 42 C 2
    30CRMO4  NF A 35552 30 CD 4
    34CRMO4EN 10083 34CRMO417204 34CRMO4NF A 35552 34 CD 4
    42CRMO4EN 10083 42CRMO417204 42CRMO4NF A 35552 42 CD 4
    C10EEN10084 C10 E17210 C10 ENF A 35551 C10
    C15EEN10084 C15 E17210 C15 ENF A 35551 C15
    C15REN10084 C15 R17210 C15 R 
    16MNCR5EN10084 16MNCR517210 16MNCR5NF A 35551 16MNCR5
    16MNCRS 5EN10084 16MNCRS 517210 15MNCRS 5NF A 35551 16MNCRS 5
    20NICRMO 2-2EN10084 20NICRMO 2-217210 20NICRMO 2-2NF A 35551 20NICRMO 2-2
    20NICRMO 2EN10084 20NICRMO 217210 20NICRMO 2NF A 35551 20 NICRMO 2

Line Pipes

Pipes which are used for transporting water, gas and hydrocarbon liquids in industrial facilities, oil refineries and similar establishments.

  • Standards for Line Pipes
    API 5L
    PSL1 / PSL2
    ASTM A53
    ASME SA 53
    ASTM A106
    ASME SA106
    ASTM A333
    ASME SA333
    ASTM A335
    ASME SA335
    Grade AGrade AGrade AGrade 1P1C15P235GH | 1.0345
    Grade BGrade BGrade BGrade 3P5C20P265GH | 1.0425
    X42 Grade CGrade 6P9 P275NL1 | 1.0488
    X52   P11 P275NL2 | 1.1104
    X56   P22 P355NH | 1.0565
    X60   P91 P355NL1 | 1.1106
    X65     P460NH | 1.8935
    X70     P460NL2 | 1.8918
          P690OL1 | 1.8881
          16MO3 | 1.5415
          10CRMO9-10 | 1.738
          13CRMO4-5 | 1.7335
          15NİCUMONB5-6-4| 1.6368
          X20CRMOV11-1 | 1.4922
          X10CRMOVNB9-1 | 1.4903
          X10CRWMOVNB9-2 | 1.4901
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